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Symposium on Audio Research and Practice in Belgium

Ghent, 14 May 2019

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13.30–14.00Welcome by Federica Bressan, Brecht De Man, Marc Leman
14.00–15.00Presentations I (3)
15.00–15.3030 min coffee break
15.30–16.30Presentations II (3)
16.30–17.0030 min coffee break
17.00–18.00Presentations III (3)
18.00–18.3030 min coffee break
18.30–19.30Live coding music event
19:30–...Free social evening



The participation to the workshop is free of charge and is open to everyone (not only AES members).

Registered participants are entitled to:
1. attend to the symposium sessions;
2. free coffee breaks;
3. a guided tour of De Krook labs

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Audio competences

And Research fields

  • The vision underlying my research revolves around technology and culture: my main expertise is in the field of multimedia preservation, with a special attention for interactive systems. My scientific production includes recovery methods for magnetic tapes, information retrieval applications for digital audio collection, a philologically informed software kit for the digitisation of sound recordings, an ontology for interactive art.

    - Federica Bressan (Ghent University)

  • Traditional sound engineering is based on analogue decades-old architectures and workflows. Despite a near-total shift to digital systems, the layout and tasks have changed very little. But advanced audio signal processing and artificial intelligence could greatly improve the accessibility and efficiency of music producers, lowering the technical barriers currently interrupting the creative process.

    - Brecht De Man (Semantic Audio Labs)

  • I am a trained jazz musician, who likes to use algorithms for composition and performance.

    - Dago Sondervan (Musician and coder)

Members and


  • Federica Bressan

    Federica Bressan

    General Chair
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    Brecht De Man

    Chair of AES Belgium
  • chef img

    Frank DuchĂȘne

    Vice-chair of AES Belgium
  • chef img

    Marc Leman

    Director of IPEM
  • chef img

    Dago Sondervan

    Guest artist
  • chef img

    Johannes Taelman

    Scientist entrepreneur
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