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What Would Judy Say? Be the Hero of Your Own Story

by Judy Sheindlin

Pagina 28 - 29 augustus 2017
There's a certain insanity in pressuring women to keep having children.

Pagina 29 - 29 augustus 2017
Is motherhood the greatest thing you can do with your womanhood? NO. Absolutely not. Loving is the greatest thing you can do with your womanhood and anyone that tells you that you have to raise a child of your own to earn a mother heart is a liar and their pants are probably on fire.

Pagina 43 - 30 augustus 2017
Sometimes you have to speak up because no one else is going to do it for you.

Pagina 44 - 30 augustus 2017
there are few places that so rely on personal appeal as a courtroom.

Pagina 45 - 30 augustus 2017
Women have a gift for putting a little honey on the spoon even when they're being professionally strong. Instead of hiding that gift of femininity, I say we should use that natural ability to nurture and be appealing. The most successful women I know are tough as nails, but they know how to spread the honey around.

Pagina 48 - 30 augustus 2017
You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Pagina 52 - 30 augustus 2017
Self-deprecation is a quality that can be very appealing. It means you have a sense of humor and don't take yourself too seriously, and people like that. Humor can be an excellent way to make a serious point.

Pagina 54 - 30 augustus 2017
Properly used, humor has the power to ease the most difficult and awkward situations.

Pagina 55 - 30 augustus 2017
Being punctual is not just about respect. It's about being ready.

Pagina 56 - 30 augustus 2017
Always build extra time into your schedule. If you arrive too early and have to go buy yourself a cup of coffee, it's a small price to pay for the right first impression.

Pagina 57 - 30 augustus 2017
I imposed this discipline not to be difficult, but out of respect for my entire crew.

Pagina 61 - 30 augustus 2017
I understood something they did not: her salary was a measure of how much we valued her.

Pagina 61 - 30 augustus 2017
Demanding your worth is not the same as being entitled before you've earned your stripes.

Pagina 61 - 30 augustus 2017
Many young people today expect to be winners just by showing up, because they grew up in an era where everyone gets a trophy.

Pagina 62 - 30 augustus 2017
I have a simple principle: Do the right thing and the right thing usually will happen.

Pagina 62 - 30 augustus 2017
You can't always go by the book if you want to do the right thing, because the book wasn't necessarily written by people with the highest ethical standards.