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Young pioneers

by Rose Wilder Lane

Pagina 3 - March 2020
While they were children playing together, they said they would be married as soon as they were old enough, and when they were old enough they married.

Pagina 21 - March 2020
Indian women bore their babies silently.

Pagina 21 - March 2020
Her courage seemed so small against the implacable indifference that possessed her body.

Pagina 24 - March 2020
The whole land was exuberant with change and promise.

Pagina 27 - March 2020
It was an adventure to go so far alone, under the enormous sky.

Pagina 31 - March 2020
The Svensons' sod shanty stood beside its shadow.

Pagina 42 - March 2020
The rim of the sun, like a drop of dye, was spreading rosy color around the whole rim of the world.

Pagina 43 - March 2020
She lifted her face to the strong wind, and her expanding heart seemed to enclose the enormous land, the great sky, the whole West with its outpouring abundance of joy, of freedom.

Pagina 46 - March 2020
The air was still warm, but the fierceness of heat and wind had gone with the sun.

Pagina 55 - March 2020
Molly dissolved in trembling. Having nothing to lean against, she swayed and the firm earth held her.

Pagina 63 - March 2020
To her surprise, she began to cry.

Pagina 93 - March 2020
To the very last, they were cheerful. Their smiles were shaky, but they smiled.

Pagina 93 - March 2020
There were violently colored sunsets.

Pagina 107 - March 2020
Only a little part of her was alive, and it was numb and firm as a rock. She must decide what to do. Her eyes were looking at the banknotes; with attention they followed the lines of the engraving. Two ten-dollar bills; two times ten is twenty.

Pagina 111 - March 2020
She knew that she was left alone to take care of the baby and herself in a world capable of any monstrous and unpredictable cruelty. But the shock had made her numb, so that she did not feel much.

Pagina 117 - March 2020
Even when the last horse galloped away, when the last door slammed, the town was still there, a disturbing sense that other people were near.

Pagina 128 - March 2020
It was all a dream. People come and go like that in dreams, without reason or purpose.

Pagina 132 - March 2020
She felt, thought, heard nothing but that single furious impulse.

Pagina 132 - March 2020
The one idea of reaching home possessed her. Nothing could have stopped her.

Pagina 133 - March 2020
She rested in a kind of stupor, waiting for this dream to end.

Pagina 145 - March 2020
Brace up and show a little decent spunk!

Pagina 146 - March 2020
She confronted space. [...] She felt the vast, insensate forces against which life itself is a rebellion. Infinitely small and weak was the spark of warmth in the living heart. Yet valiantly the tiny heart continued to beat. Tired, weak, burdened by its own fears and sorrows, still it persisted, indomitably it continued to exist, and in bare existence itself, without assurance of victory, even without hope, in its indomitable existence among the vast, incalculable, lifeless forces, it was invincible.

Pagina 158 - March 2020
To kill for food was permissible, but to steal?

Pagina 170 - March 2020
She had time to regret what she had done, and to know that she could not have done otherwise.