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Little house on the prairie

by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Pagina 6 - 10 luglio 2018
So they all went away from the little log house. The shutters were over the windows, so the little house could not see them go.

Pagina 7 - 20 gennaio 2020
All around the wagon there was nothing but empty and silent space.

Pagina 8 - 20 gennaio 2020
Nobody lived in the little house; it was a place to camp in.

Pagina 13 - 20 gennaio 2020
Kansas was an endless flat land covered with tall grass blowing in the wind.

Pagina 24 - 20 gennaio 2020
Laura swallowed hard, to keep from crying. She knew it was shameful to cry, but there was crying inside her.

Pagina 26 - 20 gennaio 2020
All around the sky's edge ran a pale pink glow, and above the pink was yellow, and above that blue. Above the blue, the sky was no color at all.

Pagina 48 - 20 gennaio 2020
The wind sang a low, rustling song in the grass. Grasshoppers' rasping quivered up from all the immense prairie. A buzzing came faintly from all the trees in the creek bottoms. But all these sounds made a great, warm, happy silence.

Pagina 186 - 21 gennaio 2020
Laura did not exactly go to sleep, but she didn't really wake up again for a long, long time.

Pagina 186 - 21 gennaio 2020
Something dwindled slowly, smaller and smaller, till it was tinier than the tiniest thing. Then
slowly it swelled till it was larger than anything could be.

Pagina 304 - 24 gennaio 2020
[The Osage chief's] blade pony came trotting willingly, sniffing the wind that blew its mane and tail like fluttering banners. The pony's nose and head were free; it wore no bridle. Not even one snap was on it anywhere. There was nothing to make it do anything it didn't want to do. Willingly it came trotting along the old Indian trail as if it liked to carry the Indian on its back.

Pagina 305 - 24 gennaio 2020
"Du ChĂȘne himself," Pa said, under his breath, and he lifted his hand in salute.

Pagina 307 - 24 gennaio 2020
Laura looked and looked at the Indian children, and they looked at her. She had a naughty wish to be a little Indian girl. Of course she did not really mean it. She only wanted to be bare naked in the wind and the sunshine, and riding one of those gay little ponies.

Pagina 309 - 24 gennaio 2020
"Why on earth do you want an Indian baby, of all things!" Ma asked her.
"Its eyes are so black," Laura sobbed. She could not say what she meant.

Pagina 312 - 24 gennaio 2020
The winds whispered in the grass, bringing scents of earth and of growing things.

Pagina 320 - 24 gennaio 2020
Laura knew that Pa was right when he said, "There's no great loss without some small gain."

Pagina 327 - 24 gennaio 2020
Pa and Ma were still and silent on the wagon-seat, and Mary and Laura were quiet, too. But Laura felt all excited inside. You never know what will happen next, nor where you'll be tomorrow, when you are traveling in a covered wagon.