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Do humankind's best days lie ahead? : the Munk debates

by Steven Pinker, Matt Ridley, Alain de Botton, and Malcolm Gladwell

Pagina 10 - July 2019
A better world, to be sure, its not a perfect world. (Steven Pinker)

Pagina 13 - July 2019
We are angry whenever we believe that we are promised Paradise and get a traffic jam, lost keys, disappointing relationship, less than optimal job. We are furious, and our sense of entitlement comes back to bite us. (Alain de Botton)

Pagina 18 - July 2019
There's a simple and beautiful fact about demography: when more children survive, people plan smaller families. (Matt Ridley)

Pagina 22 - January 2020
as a society, we have been engaged not in the reduction of risk but in the reconfiguration of risk. (Malcolm Gladwell)

Pagina 37 - January 2020
the problem of climate change is an economic problem. (Steven Pinker)

Pagina 41 - January 2020
The question here is about exterior versus interior progress and the extent to which you have a feeling or theory that progress affects not just the things that humans create but humans themselves. (Rudyard Griffiths)

Pagina 54 - January 2020
I'm not an optimist by temperament, but by evidence. That's what changes my mind. We are not saying, "Don't worry; be happy." We are saying, "Don't despair; be ambitious." (Matt Ridley)

Pagina 57 - January 2020
We confuse changes in ourselves with changes in the times. As we get older, we become more aware of follies and dangers that have been there all along. So every generation becomes nostalgic for the good all days. (Steven Pinker)

Pagina 58 - January 2020
Wow pass performance is no guarantee of future returns, the world is not Wall Street. We are unlikely to wake up one morning and face the world with smallpox, slave auctions, or surgery without anesthetics. (Steven Pinker)

Pagina 58 - January 2020
The progress we enjoy is not the result of some mysterious historical dialectic or law of inevitable progress or arc bending toward justice. (Steven Pinker)

Pagina 66 - January 2020
I think there's a point at which weight fetishized the notion of progress even when it makes no meaningful difference to who we are. (Malcolm Gladwell)

Pagina 73 - January 2020
Lots of things slip through the net of statistics. (Alain de Botton)

Pagina 79 - January 2020
Gradual change is a bottom-up phenomenon. It's an evolutionary thing that happens in society: two different ideas meet, mate, and produce a baby idea that improves people's lives, and that gradually spreads through society. (Matt Ridley)

Pagina 83 - January 2020
I'm slightly worried that unreasonable people are having more children than reasonable people (Matt Ridley)

Pagina 88 - January 2020
The idea that things get better doesn't mean that every single day it will get better by a constant increment, that Wednesday will be better than Tuesday, and Tuesday will be better than Monday. (Steven Pinker)

Pagina 88 - January 2020
Anything is possible, and only a fool would predict 500, 1000, 2000 years out. (Steven Pinker)