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Little house in the big woods

by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Pagina 25 - 9 oktober 2017
Whenever he shot at a wild animal, he had to stop and load the gun-measure the powder, put it in and shake it down, put in the patch and the bullet and pound them down, and then put a fresh cap under the hammer-before he could shoot again. When he shot at a bear or a panther, he must kill it with the first shot. A wounded bear or panther could kill a man before he had time to load his gun again.

Pagina 26 - 9 oktober 2017
Little rabbits, you know, always have games together before they go to bed.

Pagina 34 - 9 oktober 2017
Santa Claus did not give grown people presents, but that was not because they had not been good. Pa and Ma were good. It was because they were grown up, and grown people must give each other presents.

Pagina 35 - 9 oktober 2017
Alice and Ella and Peter and Mary and Laura did not say a word at table, for they knew that children should be seen and not heard.

Pagina 42 - 9 oktober 2017
The nearest town was far away. Laura and Mary had never seen a town. They had never seen a store. They had never seen even two houses standing together.

Pagina 44 - 9 oktober 2017
All around the house the wind went crying as though it were lost in the dark and the cold. The wind sounded frightened.

Pagina 46 - 9 oktober 2017
I would never get here, if I ran away from everything in the woods that scared me.

Pagina 61 - 1 december 2017
As soon as the days were warm, Laura and Mary begged to be allowed to run barefoot.

Pagina 61 - 1 december 2017
Mary had a cracked saucer to play with, and Laura had a beautiful cup with only one big piece broken out of it.

Pagina 83 - 1 december 2017
Ma never allowed them to play with their food at table; they must always eat nicely everything that was set before them, leaving nothing on their plates. But she did let them make the rich, brown, stewed pumpkin into pretty shapes before they ate it.

Pagina 88 - 1 december 2017
He was dark against the moon.

Pagina 88 - 1 december 2017
It was a perfect shot. But he was so beautiful, he looked so strong and free and wild, that I couldn't kill him. I sat there and looked at him, until he bounded away into the dark woods.

Pagina 90 - 1 december 2017
She was glad that the cosy house, and Pa and Ma and the firelight and the music, were now. They could not be forgotten, she thought, because now is now. It can never be a long time ago.