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Partisan wedding

by Renata ViganĂ²

Pagina 57
From one of the women rose a very high-pitched wail that was lost in the echo.

Pagina 61
So for twenty-four hours Mario lay as he had been cut down by the burst of fire, stretched out there in the blood, all night, with his face turned toward the stars, all one long day under the sun. Cries and screams were of no use; neither wife nor mother was listened to. The house was guarded by armed men, and no one was to touch the body.

Pagina 62
Mario was himself again, but dead.

Pagina 63
"Whatever needs to be done, let it be done, and the rest is of no matter," said the mend and women from house to house. And the "rest" could even be death.

Pagina 63
Fortunately, there were few of them, and in general they were more stupid and ignorant than capable of betrayal, even though in hard times like this, even ignorance and stupidity can end up in betrayal.

Pagina 63
In the springtime afternoon, on the streets hit by the sun, in the troubles neighborhoods, in the middle of the dull voices in the small groups of people gathered together, the Fascists weren't there, the Nazis weren't there.

Pagina 69
Brando drank his glass, slowly, and threw the last drop on the ground, as is done among the country folk.

Pagina 75
The landscape became a horizon of a few spare walls left standing.

Pagina 77
Because of this, Roberto had managed to have a world of his own, a different, constant, and desperate world.

Pagina 81
Now he was running free and loose in the miserable, ruined streets, among destroyed houses with empty windows through which you could see the sky, dark in the November dusk.

Pagina 98
The wind was cold and carried the color of winter.

Pagina 105
In the wayward life, one fixed point had remained, a place where she could head for, where she could rest, like a prosperous retired person, when she no longer had any desire to keep busy.

Pagina 106
The traces of her country-girl origins showed in her desire for wide horizons and a free and open sky, and she suffered without realizing it, vaguely discontent and misty, even if the humble events of her empty existence proceeded in a relatively happy way.

Pagina 112
But inside, her life had become intense and rich, full of unknown thoughts and things both horrible and marvelous.

Pagina 171
her body was still that of a child, but her mind that of an expert partisan.

Pagina 172
A rosy dawn came up that their eyes, swollen closed, did not see.

Pagina 174
"Outside," a voice shouted, and a big door opened wide against the light of morning, on the countryside washed by the rain. The partisans ran toward the light, dazzled like pigeons that are freed from closed cages as they take to the sky in a shooting rage.
A multitude of shots rang out, and they fell one by one, face down on the cement of the courtyard, with their arms open on the grass of the lane or on the thorns of the hedge.

Pagina 176
The light and the cold put a burning sensation of pungent tears in his eyes. But he felt full of a naked, calm happiness, without memories of home, without feeling sorry about anything, not even his mother, who had been left all alone. He understood that it had to be this way, if he was going to become good at anything.

Pagina 178
to free oneself through fighting, without hatred, but for necessity.

Pagina 180
Someone who knew him said, "Tell the truth: It would have been better if you'd stayed home. The was would have ended anyway."
And he saw in a flash the faces of his dead companions, those who had died fighting, and he went away quickly so as not to punch the man out.

Pagina 181
the grey man said, "I know what you're thinking. I've seen others like you. It's not everything that we expected. But we can keep our responsibility. Remember, the responsibility like we had on the mountain."

Pagina 195
She was invaded by the intense passion of life, determined.

Pagina 199
Now, sure of her husband, she didn't fear for herself.

Pagina 199
Enrica pronounced then all the words of her heart: she was neither rude nor aggressive.

Pagina 205
I wrote "L'agnese va a morire" as a novel, but I invented none of it. [dalla postfazione "My Resistence"]

Pagina 206
A working-class woman is a fighter, when she fights for herself and her people, if it's against poverty at peacetime, or if it's for life in wartime. [dalla postfazione "My Resistence"]

Pagina 232
I was aware of the great superiority of the partisan army over the regular troops. [dalla postfazione "My Resistence"]